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i am so not a monday person! especially after a crazieee weekend where i barely slept at all...but its not like a can decide to skip every Monday, because then Tuesdays are gonna become the day that I hate because it will be the day at the beginning of the week. It would all just end up being like no week at all…and I don’t want that because I like going to school and seeing my friends and stuff, I just hate waking up early and stuff. Oh yeah…and doing all the work and homework!
School was boring as hell…we don’t do anything and we don’t learn anything and its all just soooo boring…and I think its pointless. Gym we had PFT’s and I did sooo bad…im probably going to fail gym this quarter! Haha im such a freak…haha gym is like impossible to fail!!
Anyway, after school I went to 12corners and hung out with beth alyssa gabby kate lauren emily mary and a bunch of other people. Then lorenzo troy and aaron came and we hung with them for a longgg time. They kicked us out after a while but lorenzo is an “adult” so he could stay and then me kate gabby troy and aaron just stayed too but everybody else left. Pshh sucked for them! At 3:30 I had a voice lesson at music lovers and that was fun I guess…it was only a half hour tho so it wasn’t that bad. Gabby kate troy lorenzo & aaron all waited for me to be done and then we all walked home together and kate and gabby came over!!
THEY ARE 2 CRAZIEEE ASS GIRLS!! Omggg I love them sooo much! Haha they are like sooo funny and we had so much fun and idk wat the flip we did but It was really fun! Haha we had a whole thing of frosting and gabby is a weirdo because she put it on a bagle…wat a retard! Lol then we talked to elmo on the phone and had the bestttt time!!
When they left I went to dinner with my mom, my gramma, jamie, and jordan to pizza hut. Then I came home and now im watching summerland!
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