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just another sunday...

my mom woke me up at 8:30 to get ready for temple. i dont even know why im still doing this...i hate it so much and mrs spiro is such a bitch but i guess i go to hang out with beth and andrew. sunday school totally sucked today because lexi is still in florida so she wasnt there and mrs spiro was bitching at me...and not to mention that it went by SOOO flippin slow! after sunday school we had this madracheem meeting at temple until 1:00 that i went to with beth andrew and ashley. it was pretty boring but i got to hang with cool people.
after the meeting beth came over and we chilled for a while then we had to go to my sisters friends birthday party and paint little kids nails for money. we each got $12 for like an hour and each of us painted like 5 kids nails...it doesnt seem like a lot but my mom thinks that it is for just painting nails and i guess shes kinda got a point there...haha! me and beth walked home after the party and went to marys house but she didnt answer the door so we just left and we saw david on the way home. then i did homework and beth takled online to losers (haha) then bethie had to leaveee. then lorenzo and troy came over and we just hung out and takled but troy was really quiet...and my dog was being stupid and barking like crazy at them!! haha she is scared of like all men that come to my hosue that she doesnt know...even tho she knows them and she always does that! we hung out for almost 2 hours then they left and i went to friday's for dinner with my mom, gramma, jamie, and jordan.
...loves it
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Me David?
nopee david lamas...lol whyy do you remeber seeing me and beth? LoL.



March 14 2005, 23:08:10 UTC 13 years ago

lol its mary i just saw u say loves it and i was like OMG LOVE ZIT! hehe

love you pink birdy wit whipped cream!
haha yeah LOVE ZIT!!
i love you you fly pink bird with whipped cream!
Hey lover. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for promoting cuz I know how annoying they are..but you recently applied at a community i am in and i absolutely adored you! I thought you put thought into the application and were quite pretty. So I thought you would be great for my community...We have 3 dedicated mods, weekly themes and contests. We have daily polls and challanges! 120+ members and are insanely active. I really think you would be a great addition. Hope to see you there!

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