XOXO.DANII.XOXO (material_girlx3) wrote,

last weekend was the most fun weekend ever!!
people came from canada for this thing with temple and it was amazingly fun!
lotsa pictures behind the cut!!!

devan on the first night...like right after we met them!!

courtney devan & beth on the first night after services. soo adorable!

courtney beth me & devan! my fave picture ever...sooo cute!!

beth and courtney at the mall tryin on matching dresses.

devan and courtney!!! OMG I MISS THEM!!

devan!! wat a cutie! i loveeee her!

courtney beth and half of me...somebody sucks with the camera! haha

courtney beth and me...yeahh its better this time!!

thats everybody...kinda tiny and hard to see tho.

SEAN!!!! omg wat a hawwwtie! god i miss him...=(

greg! haha he is soo funny and i miss him!

MALCOLM!!!!! omg he is sooo adorable! haha i love himmmm!

sean trying to pick greg up...haha wowww they're soo funny!

yeahh they got it!! haha they're sooo slow...but i love them!

greg droping malcolm...wow that was sooo funny...there was a hole in his boxers!

malcolm saying "cher is my idol!!" omg he was so cute!

my 3 favorite guys ever! haha they think they are gay...lol wow

courtney at like 7 in the morning the day that they were leaving! =(

devan and me right before they left!! awwww

RIGHT BEFORE THEY LEFT!!! devan beth me and courtney!

greg playing some kids guitar before they left!

all the guys puttnig there stuff on the bus...idk beth took this picture.

beth "crying" because our best friends just left!!

daniel the nice guy!! omg i love him he is sooo nice!! haha
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