XOXO.DANII.XOXO (material_girlx3) wrote,

haha mr shapiro totally hates me...theres no doubt about that one!
after s.s. was over and i was walking to tech (im in tech right now) i was talking to jessie and i told her how i was so tired and bored because social studies is so boring. smart me...i didnt even realize that mr shappy was walking right next to us and he just sort of glared at me...so i had to think fast and i was just like "well its not my fault that you talked for 80 minutes today on something we're studying in temple too!! (the holocaust) and luckily...its probably the first nice thing that she has done for me since february break...carly came up and defended me. she said that i was right and it was boring...so he probably hates both of us.
its not like me and carly are friends again quite yet but i do feel like things are getting a little better...even tho she was pretty bitchy over the weekend and today in science..but it was nice that she agreed with me and half defended me.
well im maddd bored right now in tech...im sittin here with emily aisha jessie and carly and its pretty boring...but soon after school im going to hang out with gabby at starbucks because nobody goes tehre and we like it better there so we dont have to hang out with the stupid hoes with long eyelashes and nasty looks. lorenzo is probably meeting us there too to talk to us...because he wont go to great northern either.
((with an x and an o im out like whoaa))
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March 25 2005, 02:41:09 UTC 13 years ago

yeah ((with an x and an o im out like whoaa)) is marys saying its not really nice of you to be taking it. You're so original
oook...yeahh well mary is my BFF pink KKK mafia person so yeahh...and its pretty much on every quote website in the world...so yeahhh...aiight
shes ur BFF? ok.
umm yeah...who are you?
i thought beth was your BFF
beth is my bffitwaooi...and you are allowed to have more then one best friend.
what does bffitwaooi mean? is it like a secret way of saying best friends with benifits? because that wouldnt be surprising.
no it really wouldnt...come on dani tell us what it means!
aiight? you're white...very white....like...albino..
yea even her hair is white...and shes so skinny its disgusting

Re: w.h.o.a.


May 7 2005, 02:44:27 UTC 13 years ago

she makes michael jackson look hott...