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March 26th 2005 @ 9:26]
Im feeling a lot better today which is good! Later today im going out with gabby and katii…as soon as gabz wakes up!! We’re either going to see miss congeniality 2 or guess who…and just hang out at Pittsford plaza I guess!
Soo when im waiting for gabby to wake up im really bored so I guess I’ll take a survey…

”waitingCollapse )

well gabby still isn’t awake…wow shes a lazy ass more then meeee!! Haha yeahh I’ll write more later tonight after I hang out with those girls!
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March 25th 2005 @ 3:22]
oooh yeahh i almost forgot...
last night was the purim carnival at temple. i went with andrew becki rachel beth ashley tal and then gabby called my cell and said she got in a fight with her mom and she was walking over to the temple so she met us all there.
we hung out forever and it was just soooo much funn!! i love those people they are sooo amazing and fun to hang out with!
then kate called and i talked to her for a while and i havent seen her in like a week because she was sick...and i think she got me sick because im sick now
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March 25th 2005 @ 3:09]
no school today...yeahh i wish i could be excited about it!
i was going to go to the mall with the schwartz's and mary but we left early cuz we went to breakfast too and mary slept in...so she didnt call me until 3ish and by that time i was already home!
soo anyway, i woke up feeling soo stuffy and sinusy...my face hurt soo bad i just wanted to stay in bed all day but my mom woke me up at 9:30 because we had to go to breakfast at 10 and she thought i would need a long time to get ready...but to tell you the truth i was so not in the mood and so pissed off because i was woken up too early that i didnt feel like spending a long time getting ready so i just took a quick shower and put some random clothes on from my drawer...and yeahh that was pretty much it and i was ready.
so we went to this restraunt for breakfast and met lisa and jessica there...sarah was at some party i guess. but they brought sydney with them and yeahhh...so we ate and shit and i had a really bad headache...i got scared i was addicted to caffiene so my mom got me a coffee. too bad it didnt help.
after breakfast we went to the mall and shopped at stores...but we were with lotsa little people (sydney jamie jessica jordi) so they were going into all these weird stores...and my mom was being once again cheap today and wouldnt buy me anything at abercrombie and im pretty much almost out of money from my batmitzvah. she said if i wanted to get a lot of $25 tshirts from abercrombie then i would have to stop turning down babysitting jobs for activity nights. the activity night sucked anyway so im stupid for turning the job down. anyway yeah i still had a headache and i felt just really blahh and feverish so my mom wanted to take me home so i could sleep and shit...which was totally fine with me.
i just had to drag her into guess really quick before we left the mall and i am SO glad i did because there were these shoes that i wanted sooo badly that i saw in guess when i went shopping with devan courtney and beth when they were here visiting (that devan got and i was soo freakin jealous because they didnt have my size) they are only $15 because they were totally on sale and they are soooo cute so i just had to show them to my mom while i was at the mall with her! so she saw them and really liked them and we asked if they had them in my size at any other stores...and surprisingly enough they did have them in an 8 and an 8 1/2 in westchester so they're sending both sizes to me to try. they're sending them on monday so i should get them sometime during next week. (i'll take pictures of them once i get them because they have none online)
then i just came home and took a nap, watched gilmore girls, talked online, and looked at the may issue of seventeen magazine that i got in the mail today.
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March 24th 2005 @ 10:34]
im thinking of making this journal friends only because im soo sick of stupid people leaving mean comments and making it anonymous. if you want to be able to read my journal just get an eljay...you dont even have to write in it but im seriously thinking about this...so yeahh post your thoughts about it.
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March 22nd 2005 @ 1:24]
haha mr shapiro totally hates me...theres no doubt about that one!
after s.s. was over and i was walking to tech (im in tech right now) i was talking to jessie and i told her how i was so tired and bored because social studies is so boring. smart me...i didnt even realize that mr shappy was walking right next to us and he just sort of glared at me...so i had to think fast and i was just like "well its not my fault that you talked for 80 minutes today on something we're studying in temple too!! (the holocaust) and luckily...its probably the first nice thing that she has done for me since february break...carly came up and defended me. she said that i was right and it was boring...so he probably hates both of us.
its not like me and carly are friends again quite yet but i do feel like things are getting a little better...even tho she was pretty bitchy over the weekend and today in science..but it was nice that she agreed with me and half defended me.
well im maddd bored right now in tech...im sittin here with emily aisha jessie and carly and its pretty boring...but soon after school im going to hang out with gabby at starbucks because nobody goes tehre and we like it better there so we dont have to hang out with the stupid hoes with long eyelashes and nasty looks. lorenzo is probably meeting us there too to talk to us...because he wont go to great northern either.
((with an x and an o im out like whoaa))
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March 22nd 2005 @ 7:19]
ughhh what the fuckkkkk!!?!?!!?!?!?

i have to go...im late for school but i'll explain later.

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March 21st 2005 @ 7:29]
school was boring...details are under the eljay cut if anybody wants to read about my boring day...lol idk why anybody would want to read it because i know that i wouldnt wanna replay a monday...i am deffinetly NOT a monday person!

just another boring monday...Collapse )

after school i hung out with GABRIELLA MY BEST FRIENDDDD at starbucks cause stupid hoes were at great northern that we didnt want to talk to because they always cause fights between everybody!! and we also got lorenzo to come back to 12corners but we'll just hang out at starbucks with him (me and gabby) because nobody ever goes there to hang out...just buys food and leaves!!
aight yeah...my day sucked and im blabbing so im gonna stop now!!
((with an x and an o im out like whoaa))
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March 20th 2005 @ 5:29]
oh yes...how could i forget? XD



p.s. if anybody has an account on www.hi5.com leave your emails in a comment becuse i'm trying to make new friends with that thing.
mine is pinkxlecouture@yahoo.com in case anybody was wondering.
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March 20th 2005 @ 2:53]
i actually cleaned my room yesterday...like its really clean and i can use my desk now like nothing is piled up on it anymore! (and beth was really proud that it was clean...thats how bad it was!)
so anyway, we picked beth up around 1 and went to pittsford plaza to get supplies for our science fair project...and shop at tj maxx! xD. they actually have really cute stuff...i got a really cute pair of jeans and they have this really cute purse there that i really like...but they have one that looks similar to it from guess that i'm saving my money to buy. (i think it costs $80.)
after we got all the supplies we needed from michael's and wegman's...and shopped at tj maxx we went home and worked on our project...we pretty much spent most of the time decorating it and trying to make it look pretty. haha it worked...its sooo cute and its all easter colors! lol. then we just hung out and we watched the tape from my batmitzvah that we just got back...and it was actually in august...wowww! but it was really funny and i love mikey pisher i think he is adorable! & beth and michelle sang our song! it was so much fun to watch! then we just ate dinner and stuff...and went to the activity night which sucked so we ditched it early and just came home and hung out.
yeahh...not that interesting...but whatever! today was just more boring so im not even going to write anything about it. pshh i hate sundays...and mrs. spiro is a bitch!!!
i'll proabably write another entry later with pictures of stuff that i want...because i just need to remind myself how broke i am. i really need a job...got any ideas? comment.
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March 18th 2005 @ 8:16]
every time im supposed to have fun everything ends up sucking so much!
school was just tiring today...i felt so lazy i barely did any work. im way too much of a procrastonator and its really bad! i need to get better homework/studying habits before highschool. (which isnt long considering theres only 2 more months left of middle school and then i move on to what actually counts!)
after school i went to 12 corners with beth gabby and kate. we were having fun...me and beth were hanging out with joce and cory and then kate and gabby were just walking around 12 corners. then katii came (my babii girl) and i love her so much and i was so happy to see her! then lorenzo came and i dont even know what happened but there was just so much drama! i was sitting with lorenzo beth gabby kate cory jessica aaron and some other people and i dont know exactly but i guess lorenzo was pretty much only talking to cory and me and gabby and kate got pissed...so we were ignoring him and so then he got pissed at us and it just caused a lot of yelling and annoyed people.
then i walked home with beth lorenzo & aaron...me and beth and lorenzo just talked about how much we hated brighton and shit the whole time and aaron smoked and it smelled like SHIT!
then beth came over and we worked on our science fair project! =)
wow what a shitty day...even tho it doesnt sound that bad it seriously was!
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March 16th 2005 @ 4:59]
i dont even remember what happened yesterday.
i have such a bad headache i cant think...i dont even know what happened today.

all i know is that im going out to dinner soon and then to hebrew. im so pissed tho because we're going to a restraunt that has shitty food and andrews family doesnt like it so they're not coming...and i dont like it either but im not allowed to get out of it. grr and idk if beth is coming either because she has job shaddowing that just ended so shes gotta call me.

yeahh i'll post more later after hebrew...and hopefully my headache will be gone.
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March 14th 2005 @ 9:57]
[ mood | hyper ]

i am so not a monday person! especially after a crazieee weekend where i barely slept at all...but its not like a can decide to skip every Monday, because then Tuesdays are gonna become the day that I hate because it will be the day at the beginning of the week. It would all just end up being like no week at all…and I don’t want that because I like going to school and seeing my friends and stuff, I just hate waking up early and stuff. Oh yeah…and doing all the work and homework!
School was boring as hell…we don’t do anything and we don’t learn anything and its all just soooo boring…and I think its pointless. Gym we had PFT’s and I did sooo bad…im probably going to fail gym this quarter! Haha im such a freak…haha gym is like impossible to fail!!
Anyway, after school I went to 12corners and hung out with beth alyssa gabby kate lauren emily mary and a bunch of other people. Then lorenzo troy and aaron came and we hung with them for a longgg time. They kicked us out after a while but lorenzo is an “adult” so he could stay and then me kate gabby troy and aaron just stayed too but everybody else left. Pshh sucked for them! At 3:30 I had a voice lesson at music lovers and that was fun I guess…it was only a half hour tho so it wasn’t that bad. Gabby kate troy lorenzo & aaron all waited for me to be done and then we all walked home together and kate and gabby came over!!
THEY ARE 2 CRAZIEEE ASS GIRLS!! Omggg I love them sooo much! Haha they are like sooo funny and we had so much fun and idk wat the flip we did but It was really fun! Haha we had a whole thing of frosting and gabby is a weirdo because she put it on a bagle…wat a retard! Lol then we talked to elmo on the phone and had the bestttt time!!
When they left I went to dinner with my mom, my gramma, jamie, and jordan to pizza hut. Then I came home and now im watching summerland!

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March 13th 2005 @ 8:49]
[ mood | bored ]

just another sunday...

my mom woke me up at 8:30 to get ready for temple. i dont even know why im still doing this...i hate it so much and mrs spiro is such a bitch but i guess i go to hang out with beth and andrew. sunday school totally sucked today because lexi is still in florida so she wasnt there and mrs spiro was bitching at me...and not to mention that it went by SOOO flippin slow! after sunday school we had this madracheem meeting at temple until 1:00 that i went to with beth andrew and ashley. it was pretty boring but i got to hang with cool people.
after the meeting beth came over and we chilled for a while then we had to go to my sisters friends birthday party and paint little kids nails for money. we each got $12 for like an hour and each of us painted like 5 kids nails...it doesnt seem like a lot but my mom thinks that it is for just painting nails and i guess shes kinda got a point there...haha! me and beth walked home after the party and went to marys house but she didnt answer the door so we just left and we saw david on the way home. then i did homework and beth takled online to losers (haha) then bethie had to leaveee. then lorenzo and troy came over and we just hung out and takled but troy was really quiet...and my dog was being stupid and barking like crazy at them!! haha she is scared of like all men that come to my hosue that she doesnt know...even tho she knows them and she always does that! we hung out for almost 2 hours then they left and i went to friday's for dinner with my mom, gramma, jamie, and jordan.
...loves it
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March 12th 2005 @ 10:54]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow today was SO much fun! i am so happy to have the 7th graders back...now i can actually feel happy and have fun again! (even tho they were only gone for 3 day...haha)
my mom woke up up at 11:30 because beth called...so i got up and showered and called beth back. we decided to go to the JCC and run because track starts in a few weeks. first i had to go drop my sisters off places and stuff, so i went with my mom and gramma to drop them off and then we went to bagle bin for lunch. i saw sam there!! this 9th grader from my temple...yeah nobody probably knows him but he is totally awesome! after lunch my mom took me to the JCC so she could register me and beth was gonna meet me there...but i guess you can't get a single membership until you're 15 bcause they dont want kids running around...blahhh so we couldnt go because there was no members that we were with that we could just go as guests as.
instead of going to the JCC we went to pick beth up at her house and my mom dropped us off at pittsford plaza. me and bethie shopped at tj maxx & bath and body works..then we went to barnes n noble to look for confessions of an heiress but they didnt have it. so we just listened to music and looked at other books and stuff.
thenn my mommy dropped us off at 12corners to hang out with gabby becki & kate who i haven't seen in like a week because of the DC trip!! then troy lorenzo tyler and corbin met us there and it was really really fun because i haven't seen troy since january and so i was really excited! we had an awesome time just chillin at great northern and stuff...then my mom picked me up for dinner and beth went home and blahh....
after dinner me and beth were gonna go over to beckis house to chill with becki gabby kate and troy...but beth fell asleep and she was my ride home so yeahh i couldnt go. haha sleepy head bethie boo!!
today was soooo much funnn!!!!!

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March 11th 2005 @ 10:08]
last weekend was the most fun weekend ever!!
people came from canada for this thing with temple and it was amazingly fun!
lotsa pictures behind the cut!!!

pictures from the best weekend of my life!Collapse )
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March 11th 2005 @ 8:35]
[ mood | okay ]

new layout. it was made by spiralbound_lj and it is so adorable!
i decided to delete all my entries and just start over fresh...i was going to make a new livejournal completely but then i would have to rejoin a ton of communities and it just wouldn't be worth it.
today was kinda sad...its been exactly a week since we first met the canadians and i miss them so much! me & beth are probably going to visit them on the 19th which is next saturday...so a week away! i cant wait!! its going to be sooo much fun!
i called sean today and talked to him for pretty much all of chorus...and the teacher didn't even notice. it was pretty funny! and it was nice to talk to him because i miss him so so so much!
tomorrow im going to the JCC with beth to run and stuff because track starts soon...and lorenzo might come but im not sure yet.
i also might be going over to gabbys house tonight to chill for a while but im really tired so i have to decide.
( ( l e a v e . c o m m e n t s . i f . y o u . l o v e . m e ) )

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